Background: The Michigan League is a multipurpose campus union at the university with a rich history and storied architecture. The building was designed by the architects Pond and Pond, who also designed the Michigan Union. The League secured funding from the Women’s League at the university as a space designated for women’s social and recreational activities, as women were not allowed to enter the Union without a male companion until 1956. The League officially opened in 1929, ten years after the opening of the Union. The League itself is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, and is constructed of red brick and stone, and features arched hallways, wood paneling, stained-glass windows, and tile floors. 

Goal: Create a distinct visual wayfinding language for the Michigan League.

Objective: The objective of this project is to develop an appropriate visual language that successfully communicates wayfinding and navigation of the space as well as a unique identity for the League. The project will consist of a unified design language that can be applied in consistent but memorable ways, and take into consideration architecture and the built environment. I hope to design a distinct identity for the League that combines its deep history and traditional architecture with its refreshing sense of innovation. The project will also offer visitors a way to engage with and celebrate the building’s past, and be inclusive to people of all physical abilities. The process of creating the distinct visual language for the League will include introductory signage, directional signage, building maps, and more assets to foster a pleasant visiting experience.
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