I chose to research the Michigan League for Advanced Typography. The League is a multipurpose center that holds spaces for students to eat, lounge, and study, and is also a site used for weddings and conferences (as well as house guests in the Michigan League Inn). Its appearance is characterized by wood paneling and bright stained-glass windows. But as the smallest building of the three Michigan unions (Union, Pierpont, League), I find that the League is not as popular as the other unions. However, I find its historical charm combined with a fresh new cafe (Maizie's) to be quite endearing. 

Upon researching more history about the Michigan League, here's what I found:
- The League was constructed in the late 1920's by the Women's League organization to be a dedicated social and recreational space for women at the University of Michigan.
- The Women's League was founded in 1890, and the Michigan Union (men-only) formed afterward, in 1904.
- Women were not allowed to enter the Union without a male companion until 1956.
- The League's architects were Pond & Pond, also the architects of the Michigan Union.
- There used to be a cafeteria, a chapel, and a library in the League!
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