Client: The clients are Versell Smith Jr. (Executive Director)  and The Corner, a health center in Ypsilanti that provides affordable care, counseling, and education for people ages 12 to 25. Their mission is to “inspire 12 to 25 year olds and their children to achieve and sustain healthy lives.”

Audience: The project is aimed to resonate among youth in the Ypsilanti area who utilize The Corner’s various health services, as well as public donors. Patients include men, women, gender-nonconforming people, and people of color as well. 

Project Goals: The goal of the project is to design a distinct visual system for the existing health center. This will include a new logo, signage, website, and other branding materials. I wish to create visual consistency throughout all marketing. The identity must reflect the youth community to which it caters, but be professional and accessible to all. The visuals will be influenced by the center’s holistic commitment to healthcare through inclusion, diversity, and equity. I am striving to create a design identity that is modern, inviting, playful, engaging, but read as a legitimate organization. Another significant factor to consider is The Corner’s origins as a clinic located in a literal corner of a building, and its prospering growth. 

Process: The first step of the design process is to gain a thorough understanding of The Corner, its history, and its young patients through research. I will take the time to visit The Corner, ask the Executive Director questions, and analyze The Corner’s past and present brand identity. The next steps will include identifying an appropriate typeface, color palette, and symbolism/composition for the logo. I will engage in sketching and refining the logo, as well as applying different colors to it. Then, I will be able to further develop a unique design identity that includes specific typographic rules, grids, and colors to form a definitive hierarchy, one that can be applied across The Corner’s marketing materials. 
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