Our class had the opportunity to visit our client, a nonprofit health center located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The Corner offers a range of affordable services to young people 12-25 years old and their children--from counseling, to nutrition, to routine checkups that facilitate a healthy lifestyle for all. The center first opened in a literal corner of the school, but now operates within three connected buildings downtown. 

The Corner is a wonderful resource to the Ypsilanti community, but its outdated branding is in need of a revamp. Currently, a color palette of lime green, orange, and purple, and inconsistent type present the center as somewhat unprofessional to the greater community. Walking down The Corner's halls, signage appears to be created by a multitude of administrators and interns. In order to unify the nonprofit health center's image, we will update its visual brand language.

Now, onward to the design process!

Some notes from the visit!

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